FlexiFunnels Review: Must Read Before Buying in 2022 (200+ Bonuses included)

With the buzz that Flexi Funnels has created in the market, it is indeed worth knowing whether Flexi funnel is a decent funnel or not.

Are you looking for a great funnel for your website? 

Do you know about funnels? Well, even if you know still let us know more about funnels with the help of this blog.

A funnel can be regarded as a medium through which you can convert your visitors into regular customers. 

Let’s put it this way you have a website and you are selling certain kinds of products some visitors have visited your site but have not purchased your product or service yet and these visitors can be your potential customers. 

Now how do you change your potential customers to real buyers or customers using a funnel?

Well, this is when funnels come in handy. With the help of funnels, you can teach your potential customers the value of your product and make them buy your products.  

Funnels offer various features such as designing landing pages, email forms, email automation webinars, and such features that can help your customer know the real worth of your product or service. 

By now you know how funnels can help you in building a successful “sell” story for your business. 

So the question here is:

What is FlexiFunnels: India’s Best Funnel Builder?

Now let us know what is Flexi funnels. Flexi funnels can be rightly regarded as India’s first Funnel builder that offers robust features such as drag and drop landing page, accelerated page delivery, course membership, converting checkout pages, committed split testing, and so on. 

But one thing which steals the thunder from most funnels that are available in the market is that Flexi funnels offer a codeless funnel service to its users.

So you can start your online business without coding with Flexifunnel now!!

But before that let’s focus on some features that are offered by Flexi Funnels here:

Flexi Funnles Details Overview:

CreatorSourav Bhatnagar & Team 
ProductFlexi Funnels 
NicheAll-in-One Funnel Builder
Front-End Price (Price Range)$10-50 (₹725-3500)
Launching Date9 July 2022
Official WebsiteFlexifunnels.com
Flexi Funnels FeaturesFunnel Builder, Sales Reporting, Drag & Drop Page Builder, Product Creator, Course Area. 
Free Trial Yes, for New Users
GuaranteeYes (30 Days Money Back Guarantee)
BonusesYes, Huge Bonuses
Support 24/7 Excellent Support, Live Chat Support
SkillAll User Friendly
Best For Internet/Affiliate marketers, Beginners, Digital marketing agencies, Local businesses, Product creators, etc.

What are the features of Flexifunnels?

Find out some advanced features that are provided by FlexiFunnels here:

1. Drag and drop Landing Page Builder:

flexi funnels drag & drop page builder

One thing that bothers people while launching or building their website is that they might have to learn coding or higher technical experts to maintain their sites.

Well, this is the point when you can turn your eyes on the Flexi funnel landing page builder. Flexifunnels’ page builder provides you with an enhanced drag and drop feature. 

You can create any order form, order confirmation, one-click upsell or down-sell, email landing page for product or launch page, and many more such things without doing a single coding. 

Yes, you heard it right! With this easy Drag and drop landing page builder, you don’t have to worry about coding as it comes with codeless functionality that does it all for you. 

Flexifunnels provides pre-designed templates through it you can easily portray the real worth of your products to the targeted customers. The best part is that you can add and remove the content as per your need with this Landing Page Builder.

At Technicaldudes.com; our team have tried every popular page builders in the market, hence we can say Flexi Funnels has all customization that are required to build highly converting pages.

2. Super Fast Hosting:

While searching for a funnel it is important to find a landing page builder that changes fast because the internet is all about being fast and selling your products or service at the right time.

But will it be possible if your pages do not land on time or worst i.e. loads slowly? 

The answer is a big “No”!

An Akamai study shows that every 100milisecond delay in loading speed of a website can decrease conversion rate by 7%.

If this happens then it may irritate your visitors and they may not visit your website in the future.

Speed loading of the pages is the very base of attracting visitors or customers to your online business.

Some good hosting providers like WPX charge you $250 for a year for their basic plan but, with Flexi Funnels, you can get assured that your website pages are loading with lightning speed as Flexifunnel promises super fast hosting to its users without charging you anything extra.

The more visitors and customers you get the more will your business grow!

3. Integrated Payment Service:

flexi funnels payment integration

One of the most important aspects that you need to search in any landing page builder is that it should have a payment gateway which should make it easy for your customers to buy your services or products easily.

With Flexi Funnels, you don’t need to worry about integrating payment gateways as it provides all types of payment gateways in integration to its users.

Flexi Funnels is the only funnel in the present market that can integrate Indian payment gateway like Razorpay & Instamojo within a minute.

It lets you customize the payment checkout page as per your requirements. The best part is that you don’t even need to go to the payment gateway dashboard to integrate payment gateways. 

Apart from this, you can even track your checkout page or any other tracking code with the help of customizing features provided by the Flexi funnel.

4. Customized Checkout Pages:

flexi funnels check out page sell

Customizing your checkout pages is something that you would like to do to attract your customers more so that they can become regular customers.

Flexifunnels gives you tons of features when it comes to customizing checkout pages. Flexi Funnels gives you an abundance of liberty in customizing your checkout page whether you want to add images, videos, timer texts or offers on your payment checkout page. 

Do it all with Flexi Funnels!

5. Bump Offers in Checkout Pages:

Bump offers are a great way of attracting customers when it comes to adding value to your product and cart value at the time of payment from your customers.

So what is a bump offer? When you decide to buy any product let’s say a laptop, but while checkout for Laptop, you see a special offer on Laptop Bag at the checkout page and finally you decide to buy it also.

Even if you were not willing to buy a laptop bag but purchased it because you saw the right product at the right place at a discounted price. These kinds of offers are called Bump offers.

By setting some good bump offers on your website landing pages at the time of payment you can increase the average cart value of your website from 20 to 40%.

Yes, bump offers can do that to your revenue.

With Flexifunnels you can add any bump offer to your service or product that you sell on your website.

Generate some extra revenue with Flexi Funnels!

6. Course Membership Area:

flexi funnels course area

When it comes to business such as being a mentor, coach, trainer, or other similar business, then the most common challenge that is faced by these types of businesses is that they need to create a course online and sell it online as well.

Creating a course requires a lot of features from the landing page builder.

This is when Flexi Funnel comes to your rescue with its internal upselling option you can customize many courses as per your needs and help you reach your customers with more and more courses that your customers may get interested in.

With the help of the Flexi funnel, you can invite your customers through your email to visit sales webinars. Through this course membership area offered by Flexifunnels you can increase revenue in your online business. 

Some other Course Membership area platform like Kajabi which growth plan starts at $159 for a month, and Everlession which cost you $127 per month. Flexi Funnels gives these added features without costing you nothing.

7. More than 500 preloaded Website Templates:

flexi funnels templates

Templates are one of the most important parts of making a website.

Flexifunnels offer more than 500 preloaded website templates that are highly optimized and these templates are pre-designed. 

No matter what your niche is you can select a template from a ton of options that are provided by Flexi Funnels and use that template customize as per your wish for your niche.

8. Mobile Responsive Designs: 

While building a site it is very important to find out that your landing page builder is mobile responsive or not.

With the mobile responsive feature, you can easily manage your website from anywhere and from any device. This is a feature that is beneficial for you to save time as you can manage your website for online business at a given point and on time.

Flexifunnels offers fully mobile responsive and codeless pages to its users which is a given advantage for sure.

9. Automated Split Testing:

flexi funnels split testing

Commonly, some pages generate more traffic in comparison to other pages. With the help of automatic split testing, one can convert pages so that the revenue can be generated more.

Flexifunnels offers an automatic stick testing feature through which you can convert pages by doing split testing on your pages so that you can divert your traffic to the pages that are generating more revenue.

10. Automated Email campaign:

Email facilities something that causes too much when it comes to online business and email facilities cannot take not too because that is something which will help you to connect to your customers more.

With the help of Flexifunnels can send automated emails conveniently. You can schedule your emails as per your choice to your customers and Flexifunnels will do it all for you without demanding any other facility from you.

To connect with your customers more with the help of Flexifunnels automated email system.

11. Digital Assets:

While running an online business it is important to make small products such as checklists, PDF downloads, and many more such products so that your clients can know more about your business by receiving these digital assets from you.

Providing free digital assets is the best way to add subscribers to your email list. When you provide something free to your visitors, they provide you their email that can be used for retargeting.

With Flexi Funnels, you can upload your simple Digital Assets like eBook, PDF, or case study up to 3 MB to deliver to your visitors. But what is different in Flexi funnels?

You don’t need to redirect your visitors to google drive or other external links to download your assets.

12. Domain Mapping:

With the help of Flexifunnels, you can add your domain.

By mapping the domain on Flexifunnels, your customers will be visiting your website and domain but hosted on Flexi Funnels. It’ll take only 1-2 minutes to integrate your website’s domain to Flexi Funnels.

13. SEO Meta:

SEO meta is important for adding your page content through which your page itself will display on the search engine as per your website’s content.

Flexifunnels offers an SEO meta feature you can add your page content which will reflect on your search engine.

14. Tracking Pixels, head, and body code:

Tracking pixels, head, and body code is really important when it comes to tracking traffic on your website page. This can be done by adding pixel tracking to your Facebook, Google, or any other social media account. 

The people who visit your pages will be interested in buying your product as well so with the help of Flexi funnels you can easily do Pixel Tracking to generate more revenue by generating more leads

15. Contact Centralization:

Keeping generated contacts safe is something that you need to do so that you can target more customers with the number of visitors that have visited during sales promotions or at the time of offers.

With the contact centralization feature of Flexifunnels can easily save contacts generated safely and without violating their privacy.

16. Sales Reporting:

Keeping track of your sales report is something that you need to do to know how much revenue is being generated and how many potentials are visiting your site.

With the feature provided by Flexifunnels, you can easily track your sales reports and know more about the growth of your website.

17. Automatic SSL:

SSL is an essential feature that you should look at when choosing a landing page builder.

Having an SSL encrypted website will help you to gain the trust of your potential customers. The more your website is the more customers it will attract.

Flexi Funnels offer features through which you can get a website that has free SSL certificates. So you can get an authentic website free.

18. Flexi Funnel’s Affiliate Program:

Flexifunnels provide Flexifunnels affiliated programs which are indeed one of the best opportunities that Flexifunnels can get.

You can promote Flexifunnels on your website and generate revenue by promoting it You generate more money on each renewal.

The more you promote the more you earn. 

When you purchase Flexi Funnels and build funnels for your business. There is an option for an affiliate program for Flexi Funnels.

You can enable a Badge on all pages ‘made by flexi funnels’ when someone clicks on that badge and makes payment for flexi funnels; congrats you will earn affiliate commission from Flexi Funnels even if you haven’t promoted the Flexi Funnels.

19. Advance Funnel Logic by Flexi Funnels:

Monitoring your sales funnel is very essential to track your visitors, sales, and subscribers to know where improvement is required.

With Flexi Funnels, you can play around with upsell, downsell, lead generation funnel, and webinar funnels so that you can plan your next strategy.

Other funnel-building platforms like Click Funnels charge you around $297 per month on the other hand Flexi Funnels give all advantages with the starting package of $47 per month only.

20. Advanced Integration in Flexi Funnels:

There is no funnel-building platform except Flexi Funnels; which provides you integrated webinar platform and Email Autoresponder. Before Flexi Funnels, you have to pay hundreds of dollars for these services.

21. Step By Step Training Program of Flexi Funnels:

If you’re a noobie at funnel building, you can learn from scratch through the Flexi Funnels training program.

Pros of Flexi Funnels:

  • Easy to Use.
  • 24hr Support.
  • Work Seamlessly on any device.
  • Easy Sales Reporting Panel.
  • Automated SSL.
  • Easy Affiliate Program.
  • Business Centralized.
  • Cheapest Funnel Builder with all functionalities.
  • Can integrate with Razorpay & Instamojo.
  • No technical knowledge is required.
  • Advance Funnel Logic.
  • Support Through Live Chat Support.
  • Training Program by Flexi Funnels.
  • All Device Optimized Funnels.
  • Easy to Set Up.
  • Fast Hosting.
  • Integrated Course Area Program.
  • Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder.
  • Premade 500+ Funnels.
  • Customized Check-Out Pages.
  • Bump Offer at Checkout Page.
  • Domain Mapping.
  • Automatic Split Testing.

Cons of Flexi Funnels:

There’s no fault technically.


Is Flexifunnels better than Builderall?

Builderall and Flexi funnel are competitors when it comes to funnel building systems. Both funnel builders are equal in terms of features. 
Flexifunnels can be regarded better in comparison to Builderall funnel builder because it is faster in comparison to Builderall and Flexifunnels also provides 14 days free trial which gives it an upper hand.
So, in the end, it can be said that Flexi Funnel is one of the Best Landing Page Builder that you will ever come across. Try Flexi Funnel now and you will never regret your decision.

Who is the founder of Flexi Funnels?

The founder of Flexi Funnels is Mr. Saurabh Bhatnagar who is a Digital Entrepreneur, Facebook Ads Expert, Business Strategist & Digital Marketing Mentor.

Flexi Funnels vs click funnels? which is best funnel builder?

Flexi Funnels and Click Funnels both are amazing funnel builder platforms. But Flexi Funnels has more integrated platform like payment gateways, webinars, bump offer than click funnels.
In terms of price, Flexi Funnels is the clear winner. Flexi Funnels is the cheapest funnel builder in the market right now.

Can Flexi Funnels integrated with indian payment gateways?

Flexi Funnels can integrate Indian Payment Gateways (Razorpay & Instamojo).

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