Shopify Review 2021 – Is It Best E-Commerce Website Builder?

shopify review 2020

Want to boost your business’ online presence?

If you desire to open your own online stores like Amazon and Flipkart; you will need to find the best e-commerce platform available today.

But it is not as easy as it seems. As many e-commerce platforms tend to create hype in the market by making false promises which they don’t actually deliver.

Don’t worry I am here to guide you choose the best e-commerce builder among others.  With the help of our team’s extensive research, I can assert that Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms available in India.

Let us have a look at the tools and services that Shopify offers with the help of this Shopify Review 2021.


What Is Shopify?

shopify review Shopify is the one-stop solution for you if you are thinking of starting your own online store.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform related application that helps you in creating your own online store without coding. You don’t need to be a pro to use Shopify as it is easy to use.

Whether it is physical or digital good that you want to sell on your online store every requirement related to branding is handled well in Shopify by providing customized templates to its customers.

Shopify is considered to be the best e-commerce web builder as it offers full control over the design of the templates with the help of its HTML and CSS editing feature. Source: Wikipedia.

You don’t need to hire a design expert or web developer to design and create your online store as at Shopify you can create your own online store by having only basic technical skills.

Many e-commerce web builders don’t offer proper hosting because of which people have to buy web hosting or install the software but this is not the case with Shopify as it is a hosted solution web developer.

Get a customized Shopify store by adding applications to meet your store requirements. You can get reliable service from Shopify by paying monthly charges at a reasonable rate as it is a software as a service tool.

Shopify Pros :

Let us have a glimpse of the pros of using Shopify:

1. Plenty of Add ons:

Shopify provides you plenty of add ons and an easy interface that can be easily availed by you anytime so that you don’t have to look for a coder to put add ons on your online store.

2. Shopify Provides Full Hosting:

Shopify is a fully hosted website so you don’t have to look for hosting websites or install any other kind of software in order to un your online store. It gets you free hosting due to which you are free from the maintenance and cost of the server.

3. Shopify Provides Great Templates Designs:

Shopify offers free as well as paid professional templates to its users. The template designs are great and a user can choose the design as per his/ her online store’s requirements. So you don’t have to design your templates as Shopify does the work for you.

4. Boost Your Business with Shopify’s Multi-channel Retailing Support:

You are just not limited to online business with Shopify.

Shopify lets you cover each area to spread your business more efficiently by providing multi channeling support. You will not be limited only to the online area as Shopify will provide you offline, online and social support.

5. Shopify isn’t Heavy on Your Pocket:

Shopify offers a wide-ranging of monthly and annual plans so that every person can enjoy the benefits.

Shopify offers in accordance with its plans from $ 9 to $ 2000 monthly charges Shopify offers you various kinds of plans with various features with affordable ranges.

6. User-Friendly Interface of Shopify:

Shopify is easy to use as a person with basic knowledge or skills in the technical field can easily handle the tools that Shopify generates. You don’t have to hire an expert web developer to handle your online store.

7. High Security:

At Shopify, you can fully rely on their secure payment mode. Every sensitive data of yours is handled securely on Shopify so that you can live a tension free entrepreneur life.

8. You Don’t Need SEO Expert to Boost Your Business:

Shopify is search engine optimized which supports SEO practices that make it easier for your customers to find your online store with the search engine.

9. You Can Write Blogs with Shopify:

You can create a blog on Shopify where you can manage the content, comments, create look books, publish articles, and more with Shopify’s blogging platform.

10. Shopify is Mobile-Friendly:

Shopify offers a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart when you create your online store so that your customers can browse and buy your products even by using tablets and smartphones. Shopify for Mobile.

Shopify Cons:

There are a few cons of Shopify which are as follows:

1. Transaction fees:

Shopify charges additional transaction fees on payments that you make from external payment gateways. That makes it quite expensive if external payment gateways are used by its customers.

2. No free plan:

Shopify is the best e-commerce platform but it doesn’t give any kind of free plans to its users. They do provide 14 days of free trial to its new customers. But to continue in Shopify you have to buy a plan as per your convenience.

Shopify Pricing And Plans :

shopify price and plans (Data were taken in January 2021)

There are more than 1,000,000 active users of Shopify today and these numbers of users are increasing day by day because Shopify offers reliability with very flexible pricing plans.

It’s plans provide you service with flexible plans starting from $ 9 to $2000 per month. Shopify plans are divided into five categories:

  1. Shopify Lite- $9/month.
  2. Basic Shopify-$29/month.
  3. Shopify-$79/month.
  4. Advanced Shopify-$299/month.
  5. Shopify Plus-Custom Price.

Let us know in detail the charges and features of these plans:

1. Shopify Lite

shopify lite plan

  • This the cheapest plan on Shopify which lets you sell unlimited goods with just a $9 monthly charge.
  • In the Lite plan, you can sell your products via Facebook.
  • With this plan, you can sell your goods on Shopify in a physical location.
  • With the help of “the buy button” you can sell goods on any present site or blog.
  • A fully functional online store is not allowed in this plan.

Other Fees & Charges of Shopify Lite:

  • Credit card rate: 2.9%
  • In-person transactions: 2.7%
  • Online transactions: $ 0.30
  • Transaction fees: 2.0%

2. Basic Shopify

  • This plan lets you sell unlimited goods with just a $29 monthly charge.
  • This plan allows you to host a fully functional online store.
  • Two staff accounts are allowed in this plan.
  • Gives you a selling location.
  • It gives you a free SSL certificate.
  • It provides you basic POS features.
  • You can get multiple sales channels in this plan.

Other Fees & Charges of Basic Shopify: 

  • Credit card rate: 2.9%
  • In-person transactions: 2.7%
  • Online transactions: $ 0.30
  • Transaction fees: 2.0%

3. Shopify

  • This plan allows you to host a fully functional online store.
  • The “Shopify” plan lets you sell unlimited goods with a $ 79 monthly charge.
  • The plan has a professional reporting function in it.
  • The plan lets you available gift cards.
  • Five staff accounts are allowed in this plan.
  • Lets you have a point of sale functionality.
  • This plan gives multiple selling locations.

Other Fees & Charges of Shopify:

  • Credit card rate: 2.6%
  • In-person transactions: 2.5%
  • Online transactions: $ 0.30
  • Transaction fees: 1.0%

4. Advanced Shopify

  • This plan allows you to host a fully functional online store.
  • The “Advanced Shopify” plan lets you sell unlimited goods with a $299 monthly charge.
  • The plan offers advanced reporting tools.
  • This plan provides an exciting offer of gift cards.
  • This plan gives you a real-time carrier shipping feature.
  • Fifteen staff accounts are allowed in this plan.
  • Lets you have a point of sale functionality.
  • This plan gives multiple selling locations.

Other Fees & Charges of Shopify:

  •  Credit card rate: 2.4%
  • In-person transactions: 2.4%
  • Online transactions: $ 0.30
  • Transaction fees: 0.5%

5. Shopify Plus

  • This plan allows you to host a fully functional online store.
  • The “Shopify Plus” plan lets you sell unlimited goods with a $2000 monthly charge.
  • This plan is best for those who have big businesses in mind.
  •   The plan offers advanced reporting tools.
  • This plan provides an exciting offer of gift cards.
  • Lets you have a point of sale functionality.
  • It gives full API support.
  • This plan gives multiple selling locations.
  • It gives the support of the “White glove” level through “Merchant Success Manager”.

Other Fees & Charges of Shopify Plus:

  • Credit card rate: 2.2 %
  • In-person transactions: 2.2 %
  • Online transactions:$ 0.30
  • Transaction fees: 0.5%

Shopify offers a 14-day trial so that you can learn completely about how Shopify works add if satisfied with the service of Shopify you can choose the plan as per your needs.

You can remove your account from the trial period anytime you want. If you choose to pay the charges of the plans for a full year then you can get a 10% discount and 20% if you purchase 2 years plan.

For Whom Shopify Is Best?

Shopify is a one-stop solution for your business-related problems.

It is suitable for both small as well as large enterprises. Whether you want to do a small business or a large scale business Shopify provides you a lot of features to justify the needs of your e-commerce business.

Let us know what kind of business does Shopify supports:

1. Shopify for Dropshipping:

shopify for dropshipping If you are an entrepreneur who is looking for investing in a business online but don’t have enough investment to carry any king of inventory then Drop shipping is the perfect business model for you.

Whenever an owner of the store receives an order he can directly contact the suppliers in order to deliver the product to the customers without creating any inventory-related headache to the owner.

So drop shipping minimizes your work as well as your money as you are only going to pay for what you will sell.

Now, to find an e-commerce platform that can let you set your own business without asking for a huge investment is a difficult job to do.

But with the help of Shopify, you get reliable help as it lets you start your own online store with only a little investment. Let us focus on some prominent features of Shopify in the dropshipping business:

  • Shopify is Friendly to drop shipper:

Shopify is a genuine web builder that lets you establish your own dropshipping business by giving an enormous amount of support. You can contact any time to Shopify’s customer care for your queries via chat, phone, or email.

  • Effortless to use:

Shopify is quite easy to use whether you are a beginner or a pro in the technical field.
You can set up your online drop shipping business on your own without the of any website expert with its easy-to-use feature.

  • Ideal features:

When it comes to offering numerous amounts of features then Shopify definitely ranks as one of the best e-commerce web builders.

It provides you various features such as Point of Sales (POS), free hosting, security, various themes, social support, and many more. You will get all the ideal features a drop shipping business requires in Shopify.

2. Shopify for E-Commerce:

shopify for ecommerce website

Shopify provides unbeatable features to its users to let them conquer the world with their business dreams.

Shopify provides tools to open a properly functioning e-commerce store with utmost competence.

If you are trying to launch your own business with a plan of huge investment, then Shopify is definitely the platform on which you can rely on.

It offers a varied range of features related to templates, themes, security, point of sales, shipping charges, Social sites integration, and many more.

You can create proficient branding with the help of Shopify as it lets you promote your online stores on other websites too.

If you are running a huge e-commerce store then Shopify will let you have staff accounts so that you can operate your store well.

Shopify gives you the support of the “White glove” level through “Merchant Success Manager. You will get all the advanced features that will help you run your business trouble-free.

Shopify lets the users have fully functional physical locations to let your business expand more and more. Many famous and large scale e-commerce businesses are using Shopify.

Shopify is beginner-friendly so you don’t have to learn programming or coding to start an online store in Shopify as it is easy to use. Some of them are Foo Fighters, Tesla Motors, General Electric, Amnesty International, GitHub, and many more notable brands.

Shopify Themes & Plugins :

Shopify is known well for offering over a hundred great templates and theme designs for online stores. You can choose your style among these which suits both your personality and requirement of the store and you can view these styles on desktop, mobiles, and tablets as it is optimized. shopify theme

These themes and styles are selected on the basis of the product that you wish to sell on your e-commerce store. Select the styles by going through various options given on the demo template as per your product’s needs.

Shopify gives you enough choices to sell whatever you want through any design template that you want to choose.

Let s explain you better with the help of an example:

Let us choose the theme SOLO for letting you have a better view of the themes. This theme is simple yet fulfills basic requirements for the style or design of any type of online store.

After choosing the design as per your choice, you get enough options to make the changes here and there as the requirements of the store. Make your online store style look exactly what you want.

The customization interface of Shopify lets you go through every design detail by displaying options one by one neatly. Modify the design, choose from various options given in Shopify from top to bottom, and customize every detail of design for your store.

Things that Shopify themes designs can let you do while modifying the styles:

  • You can add a logo.
  • You can select the content, feature, and more which is to be shown on the homepage.
  • You can change the color to your default store color.

Shopify is easy to use which makes you handle your online store-related works quite efficiently and saves a lot of money as you don’t have to hire any website expert to design your e-commerce store.

With the help of its customization interface, you can easily select the design which you have chosen for your online store and let you add updates to the existing designs conveniently. You will be provided readymade designs for your store which you can easily modify as per your needs. 

It is a beginner-friendly e-commerce platform for any person having a little bit of knowledge. So with Shopify, you can create an online store, add themes and styles, and design it in a well-organized manner that will suit your personality.

Shopify’s Customer Support :

The customer care support of Shopify is highly effective as they provide 24*7 customer support to their customers.

If you need any help then you can get customer care support from Shopify through live chat, email, and 4 other numbers in accordance with your region. They even provide you pre-answered queries which were frequently asked by Shopify users.

Features of Shopify:

There is numerous noteworthy feature of Shopify. Some of which are mentioned below:

Amazon Integration of Shopify:

shopify amazon integration The most valued feature that Shopify offers is that it lets you sell your products with Amazon Integration. With the help of this feature, you can let your products on the huge marketplace like Amazon to increase the level of your branding visibility. Expand your business more and more with Shopify’s Amazon Integration feature.

The steps to create a list of Amazon integration through Shopify:

  • The key step is to make sure that your store fulfills the requirements.
  • You need to create a professional Seller Account on Amazon
  • You need to apply for category approval.
  • To the Shopify store of yours, you need to add the Amazon Sell channel
  • For your products, you need to purchase UPCs
  • Prepare and create the listing of your product at Amazon listings
  • After this, you need to claim from your store the existing Amazon listings
  • At last, you need to set the Inventory Tracking Policy of yours.
  • And you have done it so start selling your products!


Shopify online store module is what you were looking for when you had in mind to open an online store.  You can design your online store with your smartphone.

You will be able to design your store by just doing drag and drop among the professional themes which Shopify offers. The inventory of Shopify is well synced throughout with your sales channel.

Buy Button:

With the ‘Buy Button’ feature on Shopify, you can easily add a customized ‘buy button’ on your online store site or even on any other site when you are promoting your products.

It’s a shortcut to product pictures, descriptions, prices and the customers can buy directly from there without even visiting sites. With the Shopify buy button feature, you can update the details of your product from the admin section itself.

Point Of Sale:

Are you worried that you will only be able to receive online payments with Shopify? Well, then there is no reason to worry as Shopify provides POS features to its users.

The point of Sale feature or POS feature in Shopify lets you collect your payments from the Shopify store even when you are offline through an iPad.

Social Selling:

The most important feature that Shopify provides is that it lets you sell your products on almost all social platforms. You are just not limited to your online store.

Shopify connects you with other social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and many other platforms to let you sell your products directly.

Cart Recovery: 

It is quite normal to say that not all customers will buy your product even after adding it to the cart. We can say that only 3 out of 10 customers buy products from any store.

But with Shopify’s abandon cart recovery feature, you will get efficient help from their tools and email triggers to sell your product more and more. After all, it’s all about selling your products!

Shipping calculation:

Shopify’s real-time carrier shipping service calculates the shipping charge of products that you are selling worldwide. So now let sell your products globally without thinking about calculating the shipping charges of each order.

Let Shopify do the hard work so that you concentrate on promoting your online store’s products.


It is quite important to have full information related to your target audience for which customer profiles should be maintained so that it can be used well during your promoting events and campaigns.

Shopify offers customized customer profiles so that you can best out of your promotional events.

Discount codes and gift cards:

To boost revenue we often introduce sales and discounts for the customers. With Shopify’s  ‘bulk discounts’ feature you can generate discount codes for various offers like free shipping, discounts on percentage, and others.

Also, your customers will be able to buy gift cards directly.

Experts of Shopify: 

Shopify is an easy to use e-commerce platform but it is quite normal for every beginner to face problems and have queries.  Shopify offers additional guidance from experts to support you in various fields like programming, designs, marketing, sales, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q: Is Shopify the best e-commerce platform or website builder?

Yes, Shopify is considered to be one of the best e-commerce website builders as it offers many valuable features to its customers and is not bound by any particular criteria only. It provides a diverse range of plans and functions to its customers of every background. Whether you are looking to set up a large-scale business or a small business, Shopify will handle it all for you by providing you best-suited functions for your business.

Q: Is Shopify easy to use?

In order to promote their products/ tools more and more, every online space claims their tools to be easy to use. But are they really user friendly and simple to use? What easy to use really refers is that you are able to use the tools and platform right from the minute you invest in it. But instead is noticed those users waste hours learning to use the platform.

Well, this is not the case with Shopify. Shopify is easy to use e-commerce platform which enables every user to use the tools offered by Shopify conveniently. Any person having the basic knowledge or skill in the technical field can easily use Shopify. It is user friendly.

Q: Which Shopify plan is best?

There are numerous plans which Shopify offers so that you can choose the plan as per your requirements. However, the Basic Shopify plan of Shopify fulfills the basic requirements of running an online store with just $29 monthly charges. With the help of this plan, you can sell unlimited goods with just $29 monthly charges. It allows you to host a fully functional online store. You can even get two staff accounts that are allowed in this plan. This plan gives you a selling location and a free SSL certificate. It provides you basic POS features. It even offers you multiple sales channels in this plan.

Q: How to start a Shopify store?

Here are a few guidelines on how you can start a Shopify store. The steps are:

  1. Visit Shopify site> sign up> fill your personal details on the screen> click on the ‘what will you sell’? Section> Click on I’m done.
    how to start a shopify store?
  2. Go to admin screen> customize your store.
  3. Go to the theme or layout section and find the theme that fulfills your store’s need.
  4. Select ‘Themes’ from the admin screen> click ‘customize theme’ to add the theme which you want to add.
  5. Select ‘Products’ > click on the ‘Add a product’ button> fill details about the product> click on ‘Save product’ button.

    shopify store opening interface Select your payment gateways> with general feature get your store online.

  6.   For taxes go to the product page> click on the product> go to variants> check to box the ‘charges taxes’ and ‘Requires shipping’ checkboxes.
  7. For shipping go to settings> shipping page> select shipping rates section> adjust the shipping rates.
  8. Check your system with bogus gateway> go to payment settings> ‘Accept the credit card’ section> click on ‘select a credit card gateway section’> select other after scrolling down> click on ‘Bogus Gateway’> Click on Active/ reactivate.
  9. To add a Domain go to settings> domain> ‘add an existing domain’> update DNS records >remove the storefront passwords> click on ‘Redirect all traffic to domain’> Add other domain names which will redirect to the primary domain. 

    how to add domain to shopify ?

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And Tada! Your online store is ready!

If you are looking for an e-commerce platform that offers you ideal features for your e-commerce or-drop shipping business then Shopify is your answer. Shopify is one of the best e-commerce web builders that is convenient for both small as well as large businesses.

With the help of Shopify for beginners, one can easily create his/her online store without worrying to learn the sites given tools for hours Shopify offers reliable support to its users even with a tight budget business.

With the help of this Shopify Review India, I have tried to throw light on the major points related to the Shopify e-commerce platform. Shopify offers a varied range of plans so that you can get its efficient service as cheap as $9 to $2000 a month.

However, before buying any kind of plan it is suggested to try the 14 days free trial program of Shopify so that you can have a better view from your own personal experiences.

Try to call customer care to solve your queries, try the payment gateways and try the features and designs of Shopify well so that you can choose Shopify to start your online store with a clear head.

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