10 Best Online Webinar Software Platform 2021 – Comparison & Review

Are you searching for the best online webinar software platform for your company or you?

Well, today Technicaldudes are going to share with you the best webinar software of 2021.

We know that online webinar software is the best way to interact or connect with people from home or any place.

You can connect with your audience easily and help them by answering these questions and you can also get feedback from them. And you can meet easily to peoples to boost your business by Web Conferencing.

It looks easy but choosing the best webinar software in 2021 from thousands of software is very difficult. 

Yes, it is right because there are many online webinar software and we are not sure which one is the best for your business.

But don’t worry we are here for you and in this blog we are going to show you 10+ best webinar software with detailed reviews, buying guides, and comparisons.

List Of Best Online Webinar Softwares :

1. Clickmeeting: 

clickmeeting webinar software review

Clickmeeting is one of the most popular and best webinar tools for a business or company. 

Clickmeeting is known for its good user interface and it makes it easier to use it in training, online classes & podcasts because of its good quality streaming. 


  • Polls and Voting – Click meeting provides you an option of polls or voting which helps you in getting feedback about your webinar from its participants
  • Live Chat It provides a live chat option where all participants ask questions from the webinar host.
  • RecordingIt also provides you with recording features that help you in recording the entire audio and video of the live webinar and you can download that recording easily.
  • AnalyticsAt the end of the live webinar session you can also get analytics and report of attendance, metrics & votes.


clickmeeting webinar software pricing

Clickmeeting provides you 3 types of packages first is my webinar which starts from 25$  per month and a limit of 25 participants, the second package is mywebinarpro which starts from 35$ per month and limits 50 Attendees. It also provides you with a custom pricing package [ enterprise ]. 


  • Clickmeeting is one of the best online webinar software for video conferencing.
  • It has a user -friendly interface.
  • It is the best webinar software for small business, entrepreneurs & Trainers.
  • Pricing is customizable.

2. Webinarjam

webinarJam webinar software review

At this time WebinarJam is one of the most popular and best webinar software in 2020. It is because Webinarjam is very simple to use and comes with a user-friendly interface. Here we have a detailed Webinarjam review.

If you have little knowledge about how to use Webinars, then it is the best option for you because hosting a webinar is very simple on Webinarjam with its very easy setup.

WebinarJam webinar software


  • Autoresponder – Webinarjam has automated services like automatic popups in live webinar session which helps you in generating leads and automated emails to attendees
  • Streaming Features – It allows you to host your webinar directly on Youtube, Facebook and you can also use it in any browser.
  • Automatic Recording- It comes with automatic recording features in which your whole webinar automatically recorded in its server for future use.
  • Analytics – The host also receives all analytics and reports at the end of the live webinar like tracking, participant no., and CTA Details.


Webinarjam comes with 3 types of the plan first is basic plan, Professional Plan and the last one is Premium Plan.

webinarjam webinar software pricing

  • Basic Plan – It starts from 41.58 $ per month [ Billed annually ]. You can add a maximum of 500 participants with up to 3 hosts.
  • Professional Plan – It costs 58.25$ per month [ Billed annually ]. The maximum no. of participants in it is up to 1000 and no. of hosts are increased to 4.
  • Premium Plan Its premium plan cost is 83.25$ per month. The limit of participants is increased to 5000 and no. of hosts are up to 6. This plan is best for businesses and heavy webinar users.


  • One of the best online webinar software which comes with easy to use and fast setup features.
  • Great customer support.
  • Helps in interacting with the audience by-polls, q&a, & live chat features.
  • Recommended for all type of webinar users
  • High-quality video streaming.

3. Zoho Webinar

zoho webinar software review

Zoho is a well-known and popular brand and also known for its best services to its customers.

It provides many services and it also has a Zoho webinar service which is also very popular because of its best quality service to companies at an affordable price.


  • Feedback Tools – Zoho webinar software also provides you with polls and voting features for feedback.
  • Analytics – You also receive an analytics report in the end which helps you in analyzing your webinar performance.
  • Webcam Sharing- Webcam sharing is also enabled in it.
  • Other – You can also get a registration form and automated email notification. 


Zoho webinar software pricing

Zoho webinar provides you 4 types of packages. It starts with only 15$ per month for upto 25 participants [ Billed annually ] and 19$ when you billed monthly. You can choose its any plan according to no. of your webinar attendees and its biggest package is 250 participants and it costs is 63$ monthly [ Billed Annually ]


  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Zoho is also known for its excellent customer support.
  • Easy user interface.


  • The maximum Number of participants is only 250.

4. Demio.

Demio webinar software review

Demio is also counted as one of the best webinar software in the market because of its really good quality of live streaming and user-friendly interface.

Domio webinar software is also best for those who want to generate or convert sales through their live webinars because it provides many participants interacting features like polls, Q&A, Live chat, etc.


  • Recording – Domio provides its customers with a recording feature in which they can record all live sessions and also they can download it.
  • Analytics – You can also get all reports and analytics at the end of the live webinar.
  • Automation- It also provides you better automation services by sending an automatic email notification to participants.
  • Tracking option – I will also help you in generating more leads because of retargeting features.


Demio webinar software pricing

Domino offers you 3 types of plan starter, growth, and business. The first plan starts from 49$ per month for 50 participants maximum, another is 99$ per month plan and the participant limit is 150. The business plan cost is 234$ per month for up to 500 attendees.


  • Best webinar software for beginners because it is very easy to set up.
  • Best for sales conversion and generating leads.

5. GotoWebinar

Go to webinar webinar software

Gotowebinar is also very popular and well known as an online meeting software. This webinar also helps you in scheduling your live webinar session and it automatically notifies everyone of the date of the webinar.

You can also add thousands of participants to your webinar.



  • Analytics- GoToWebinar provides you real-time analytics report of your webinar.
  • Record- It also allows you to record your webinar session online and you can also download it on your computer.
  • Tracking- It also has inbuilt tracking features which help in checking no. of participants, signups, etc.
  • Feedback – You can also get feedback from your attendees by answering their questions from live chat, polls, voting, etc.


Goto webinar software pricing

goto webniar software plans Gotowebinar provides you 4 types of plans: Lite, Standard, Pro & Enterprise. 


  • 24/7 customer support.
  • HD video quality.
  • Automated email notification.

6. Livestorm

livestrom webinar software

Livestorm is the best webinar platform for all types of users like companies, businessmen, and every webinar user. We can use this webinar software on our pc, window, mac, or any other device.

Livestorm comes with many amazing features that helps you in increasing your webinar performance.


  • Automation- Livestorm provides you with automation features that helps you in sending automated mails to webinar participants.
  • Feedback Tools – You can also get feedback tools like polls, voting, q&a & live chat which help you in interacting with your audience.
  • Analytics – It provides you detailed attendees analytics, replay analytics, and all reports.
  • Recording – This feature helps you in saving your whole webinar directly into your computer.


Livestorm comes with 3 types of plans and the best part of it is that you can use it free if you are a beginner. The free version allows 10 participants for a 20 minutes webinar. Its paid plan starts from 99$ for up to 100 attendees and 319& for up to 1000 attendees per month.

Livestorm webinar software pricing


  • Best webinar software for beginners because it also has a free version.
  • You can record unlimited webinar videos in it.
  • Easy to understand user interface.

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7. WebinarNinja

Webinar Ninja webinar software

Webinarninja is a well known live webinar platform. It is also the most demanding webinar software of this year because of its easy to setup interface.

You can create a powerful and interactive webinar from this software in less than a minute.

You can create four types of webinars from this online webinar software.

  • Live webinar Live webinar session with hosts who interact with the audience to get leads.
  • Automated webinar – These are the recorded webinar and you can use them at any time in the future.
  • Series – Series of webinars or groups.
  • Hybrid – This webinar includes both live and recorded videos.


  • Screen Sharing – Webinarninja provides you instant screen sharing feature.
  • Automation – It also has automation features like automated email notifications, popups, and these help you in sales conversion.
  • Automatic Recording- I start an automatic recording of your webinar and save it into its server. You can also download that recording on your PC for future use.
  • Other- Webinarninja provides you with high conversion registration pages, polls, live chat, Q&A & many important tools. 


Webinarninja also provides you a 14-day free trial to test its features and services. It has 4 types of packages for every type of requirement.

It starts from a basic plan of 39$ per month and a limit of up to 100 webinar users.

Now their most recommended plan is 79$ per month and allows up to 200 attendees. Another plan is a plus and it costs 129$ per month with 500 live webinar attendees and the last is 199$ per month for 1000 attendees.

webinarninja webinar software pricing


  • One of the easiest software to setup and use.
  • Comes with 4 types of plans and best for all types of user from beginners to businesses.
  • You can also create automated webinars.

8. Everwebinar 

Ever webinar webinar software

Everwebinar is a heavily used online webinar software by professionals and businessmen. It is because Everwebinar contains the best automation features and tools which helps in increasing the chance of generating leads and conversions.



  • Automation – This is the best feature of it which makes this software more powerful. It includes automated email notifications, pop-ups, Signs up forms, and much more.
  • Recording – This software also includes an automated recording of your current webinar and that recording you can use in the future very easyly.
  • Interactive tools – It also helps you in making good communication relations between host and participants by sending them SMS, messages & emails.
  • Analytics – The host also receives real-time analytics and report about the performance of his webinar.


The packages of this webinar software are in installments. It starts from 3 installments in a year which cost 199$ for every installment. You can also pay for 1 year and its price is 499$/ Year and last is 799$ for 2 years.

Everwebinar software pricing


  • Best webinar software for increasing sales and leads.
  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Real-Time Analytics.
  • Automatic Recording of the live webinar.
  • Good 24/7 customer support

9. Getresponse

Getresponse webinar software

Getresponse is very popular for its email marketing services in the market. Including email marketing services it also provides you with the best webinar software for pc, mac, and smartphone.

If you want email marketing and auto-responding services with webinar tools then it is the best choice for you.



  • Feedback tools – It includes feedback tools like polls, live chat & Q&A features which help you in interacting with your audience.
  • Scheduling – You can also schedule your webinar timing, date, and also you can share your webinar from a URL.
  • Analytics- Analytics, and reports of no. of participants, sign-ups, and other metrics.    
  • Automation – Getresponse webinar is the best for sending automatic emails to your audience.


Getresponse offers you four types of plans: Basic, Plus, Professional & Max. The basic plan cost is 15$ but it not include webinar features, Plus plan is there most recommended and it cost 49$ per month for 100 attendees.

The professional plan price is 99$ per month for up to 300 participants and the Max plan cost as per your requirement. 

getresponse webinar software pricing


  • 24/7 customer support & security.
  • 30 days free trial.
  • Autoresponders.
  • Hd quality streaming.

10. JetWebinar

jet webinar webinar software

Jetwebinar is the last online webinar platform on our list but not least because it provides you with the latest features in it which helps your webinar in increasing its performance.

Jet Webinar is mostly used by heavy users of webinar software because it will provide you the maximum no. of attendees up to 2,000 so, it is the best webinar for businesses.


  • Free Training – provides you with detailed training about how to use webinars.
  • Live Chat – It provides you with a live chat option to interact with the host and his audience.
  • Analytics – Every analytics and metrics related to the webinar.
  • Night Time – You can stop your webinar session at night and resume it the next day.


It offers you 4 types of plans- 

  1. Elite 1K: $397/month.
  2. Elite 3K: $1099/month.
  3. Elite 5K: $2399/month.
  4. Enterprise: Custome Price.

Their most popular plan is Elite 1K and its cost is 397$ for up to 1000 participants.

jetwebinar software pricing



  • Email and phone customer support
  • Webinar Attendee Analytics.
  • Automated Reminder


Q: how to choose a best webinar software in 2021?

Online webinar software helps you in sharing a high quality video with your audience or any person and you can also easily make a good chat with your webinar participants.

The best online webinar software also includes many features like live streaming, polls, live chat etc. This feature also helps you in increasing your sales conversion.

The webinar softwares helps you in streaming a good quality video which helps you in hosting a good online course, podcasts, Interviews, online training, etc.

But choosing the best webinar software is challenging because of the massive number of these webinar tools.

After much research and according to user reviews we have collected some best webinar software of 2021 for you.

Q: What are the benefits of using a webinar software?

I know many are in confusion whether investing in the best webinar software in 2021 is worth it or not. 

Here, we are going to show you some benefits of using webinar software which helps you in making the best decision.

Sales conversion and Lead Generation:  

According to experts and sales leaders analysis, it is proved that webinars are the best way to convert leads into sales.

If you are using your webinar with the right planning then surely it will help you in generating leads for you.

If you are hosting your webinar on a particular niche then your audience or attendees are also a little bit already interested in your product.

You can convert them into sales because webinar software provides you many lead generating tools like automated emails, pop-ups, sign up forms, etc.

Easy to use & Setup:

Webinars save our time because they make hosting an event or meeting very easy by hosting it through their live webinar feature with HD video streaming.

They are also very easy to set up and start. If you want to host an urgent meeting then you can do it very easily in under 60 seconds.

Interact With Audience:

You can make better communication relations with your audience by using webinar software interactive tools.

Yes, online webinar software provides us many tools which help us in answering our attendees’ question.

The tools are polls, live chat, Q&A, voting, and automated emails. Know more benefits of Webinars.

Q: Which is the best webinar platform in 2021 for You?

There is 10 best webinar software in 2021 on our list but choosing one from all of these is a little bit confusing.

There is no doubt that these all are the best ones but which one is for you and which software is recommended personally.

First I will advise you that you will choose that software which fulfills your all needs.

But, you are still not able to find then TechnicalDudes will recommend you to select one from Webinarjam and Clickmeeting.

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